Virtual Water Tasting

Are you looking for an extraordinary water tasting?
Then you should book The Watertasting!

Marvel about the variety of flavors amongst different mineral waters. Let colleagues and friends alike enjoy this special tasting led by the only water sommelier in the Netherlands; Marielle Thiadens. For the past 15 years she has taken international groups on an imaginary journey past the most tasteful and special sources on this planet.


Water has taste! Maybe not as exuberant as wine but for those whole truly learn to taste water, a glass of water is just as phenomenal as a glass of wine. Also quite important: you can drink as much as you like!

The real big differences in flavor is seen in the numerous amounts of mineral water, bottled directly from its sources. But how is that possible? It is simple: the richer the earth is with minerals, the bigger the chance that the water will deliver a spectacular taste sensation. And whilst the amount of minerals is important, the different kinds of minerals throw a whole new surprise in the mix. It is not by chance that there are more than 3500 different types of mineral water available across the world.

Besides tasting, there are many stories to be told about water itself. Which we would love to tell you during our virtual water tasting.


Hydration is one of the many benefits of drinking an abundance of water. Hydration can help lubricate and cushion joints, protect sensitive tissue, flush out waste and keep your immune system and even your skin healthy.

Taste, sense and learn

During the virtual tasting you will experience an array of mineral waters acquired from special sources. Light mineralized waters comparable to our tap water, but also heavy mineralized water with big character and a typical flavor. You will experience all of it, from the ‘heilwater’ from Germany to Madonna’s favorite water. Once poured, you will not see the difference, but the diversity in flavor will surprise you! And of course, next to the tasting, water hides many many stories.

Where does mineral water originate from?
What dictates the taste characteristics?
What does all the terminology on the bottle mean?
How important is water for human beings?
Why are many brands not available in your own country?
What is the difference between mineral water and spring water?
What is the difference between tap water and bottled water?
What do terms such as TDS, PH Value, maturity, carbonation, medicinal or spa water,
alkaline, artesian, aftertaste, mouthfeel etc. mean…?

There will even be time for the one and only water-quiz! Where all your knowledge of water will be put to the test!

The deal

All participants will receive a package of five different waters, selected carefully by our water sommeliers, a few days before the tasting. The water will be sent to each participant directly. The package contains a personal letter of our water sommelier with the information needed for the tasting and an invitation including the date and time of the booked tasting. Naturally, the package can be expanded even further, and the sending procedure changed if needed. Participants will receive a link (ZOOM or TEAMS) two days before the tasting via email.

We will see each other soon virtually for the water tasting!

60-75 minutes

Up to 20 people: € 595, –
Every extra participant: € 27,50

Including 5 different waters and the water sommelier.
Excluding shipping cost and VAT.